Join us for our 30th Annual Lyons Ranch Superior Genetics Sale
Monday, March 5th, 2018!


We invite you all, longtime customers and new friends, to our 30th Annual Superior Genetics Sale at the ranch south of Manhattan on the first Monday in March – March 5th, 2018!

The bulls in the offering are the result of decades of planned breeding for the traits we value, including fertility, fleshing ability, performance, carcass and calving ease. We do not breed for one number, but want a realistic, balanced product that can perform for you.

They are all fall born, so by sale day they will be 17 to 20 months of age – all semen checked good by KABSU and ready to go to work. Our bulls are guaranteed for one breeding season, and we expect them to continue to contribute to your herd for several years.

Every bull that sells on March 5th has been DNA tested with the i50K Zoetis test, which makes a young bull’s EPD accuracies as high as if he had already sired from eight to 20 calves. This allows you to have the most confidence in your decisions and the best chance for profitability. All EPDs in this book are Genomic Enhanced Expected Progeny Differences, or GE-EPDs.

We are fortunate to see the demand that Lyons Ranch-sired calves generate in the yards and on the rail. However you choose to market your cattle and at whatever stage, know that we feel that you should get value for your Lyons Ranch purchases, and we will do our best to help you be successful.

If you cannot attend the sale, call in or watch and bid online at The cattle that you buy this way carry a sight-unseen guarantee.

Please request a catalog and get in touch with us if you have any questions!

    30th Annual Lyons Ranch Superior Genetics Sale | Monday, March 5th, 2018!

    Lot 1 – Lyons Resource 6159
    AAA Registration Number: 18938361
    View Pedigree

    Lot 2 – Lyons Resource 6016
    AAA Registration Number: 18937337
    View Pedigree

    Lot 3 – Lyons Resource 6197
    AAA Registration Number: 18938375
    View Pedigree

    Lot 4 – Lyons Resource 6175
    AAA Registration Number: 18938366
    View Pedigree

    Lot 12 – Lyons Comrade 6136
    AAA Registration Number: 18938353
    View Pedigree

    Lot 16 – Lyons Comrade 6256
    AAA Registration Number: 18938398
    View Pedigree

    Lot 20 – Lyons Comrade 6218
    AAA Registration Number: 18940125
    View Pedigree

    Lot 23 – Lyons Comrade 6156
    AAA Registration Number: 18938359
    View Pedigree

    Lot 32 – Lyons Courage 6274
    AAA Registration Number: 18938406
    View Pedigree

    Lot 33 – Lyons Courage 6199
    AAA Registration Number: 18938376
    View Pedigree

    Lot 34 – Lyons Courage 6244
    AAA Registration Number: 18940095
    View Pedigree

    Lot 43 – Lyons Tour of Duty 6169
    AAA Registration Number: 18938365
    View Pedigree

    Lot 47 – Lyons Tour of Duty 6166
    AAA Registration Number: 18940124
    View Pedigree

    Lot 56 – Lyons Thunder 6142
    AAA Registration Number: 18938355
    View Pedigree

    Lot 57 – Lyons Thunder 6134
    AAA Registration Number: 18938352
    View Pedigree

    Lot 59 – Lyons Thunder 6219
    AAA Registration Number: 18938384
    View Pedigree

    Lot 66 – Lyons Hoover Dam 6208
    AAA Registration Number: 18938380
    View Pedigree

    Lot 72 – Lyons Cedar Ridge 6004
    AAA Registration Number: 18937215
    View Pedigree

    Lot 87 – Lyons Confidence 6334
    AAA Registration Number: 18943786
    View Pedigree

    Lot 91 – Lyons Confidence 6314
    AAA Registration Number: 18943782
    View Pedigree

    Lot 99 – Lyons Dash 6284
    AAA Registration Number: 18938409
    View Pedigree

    Lot 104 – Lyons Dash 6293
    AAA Registration Number: 18940127
    View Pedigree

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