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Lot 1 – Lyons Payweight 7312
AAA Registration Number: 19237413
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Lot 3 – Lyons Payweight 7234
AAA Registration Number: 19237381
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Lot 5 – Lyons Fortress 7231
AAA Registration Number: 19237379
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Lot 6 – Lyons Fortress 7155
AAA Registration Number: 19237348
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Lot 11 – Lyons Fortress 7173
AAA Registration Number: 19237359
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Lot 19 – Lyons Resource 7184
AAA Registration Number: 19237361
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Lot 23 – Lyons Resource 7170
AAA Registration Number: 19237358
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Lot 27 – Lyons Resource 7156
AAA Registration Number: 19237349
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Lot 28 – Lyons Resource 7240
AAA Registration Number: 19237384
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Lot 29 – Lyons Resource 7289
AAA Registration Number: 19237404
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Lot 33 – Lyons Tour of Duty 7149
AAA Registration Number: 19237347
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Lot 37 – Lyons Tour of Duty 7218
AAA Registration Number: 19237373
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Lot 45 – Lyons Comrade 7291
AAA Registration Number: 19237405
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Lot 49 – Lyons Comrade 7141
AAA Registration Number: 19237343
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Lot 59 – Lyons Comrade 7190
AAA Registration Number: 19237364
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Lot 75 – Lyons Insight 7161
AAA Registration Number: 19237352
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Dear Friends,
We welcome you all — friends from the past, present and future — to our 31st Annual Lyons Ranch Superior Genetics Sale!

If you haven’t been to Lyons Ranch before, we are a family operation. We are fortunate to be raising cattle and have three generations working together. We know Mother Nature threw us all a few curve balls this year – rest assured, we are in this with you, as we look ahead together and start a new year.

We are excited to present this set of bulls. Each animal in the offering is the result of decades of planned breeding within our cowherd for a balance of traits, including fertility, fleshing ability, attitude, performance, carcass, longevity and calving ease. We don’t approach breeding by looking at just one number. We feel that it is important to have an economically relevant animal on the hoof and the rail. For the last eight years, we have DNA tested each sale animal through Angus Genetics Inc. to generate genomically enhanced EPDs.

We feel that you get a good value for bulls from Lyons Ranch.

In our 2018 sale, 32% of the bulls sold for $4500 and under. 61% sold for $6500 and under.

Offering fall bulls allows for a little slower development and results in a more mature herdsire that should hold up and cover more cows.

We will deduct $50 from the purchase of every animal picked up the week of the sale.

And as always, we stand behind them.

If you cannot be with us, please consider calling us ahead of time or register, watch and bid online at All animals bought this way have a sight unseen guarantee.

Come by on March 3rd, the Sunday afternoon before the sale, to go through the cattle in the display pens. We would like to catch up with you and answer any questions.

On sale day, our neighbors from the McDowell Creek and Ashland Community will start serving a complimentary lunch starting at 11 a.m., and the sale will begin at 12:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you. Thank you for allowing us to be Your Source for Superior Genetics!

Jan, Frank, Karl, Amy, Trey, Tanner & Shelby

Snapshots from 2018 Lyons Ranch Sale

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