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Hello and welcome to Lyons Ranch!

Lyons Ranch is located in the Flint Hills of Kansas, one of the most productive native grazing areas in the world. We are blessed to have three generations of the Lyons and Langvardt family working together to serve the beef industry and raise the Angus cattle we love.

At Lyons Ranch, we have a balanced approach to genetics and a commitment to our customers. Our goal is to continue to raise proven, profitable cattle that will serve the industry.

We don’t breed for extremes in any one area, but focus on the predictability of important traits. Our cowherd is made up of productive females from strong cow families with proven genetics. The base of any herd, the momma cow, is often overlooked when cattle are bred solely on paper. We pay attention to fertility, calving ease, performance, efficiency and carcass value. We strive to produce easy keepers with good attitudes and great mothering ability, cows that we like working with every day.

For more than three decades we have hosted our annual Lyons Ranch Superior Genetics Bull Sale on the first Monday in March. We are so  thankful to our repeat customers and the good friends we get to work with year after year. That said, we look forward to forging new relationships in this cattle business we love.

If you have any questions about our operation, please get in touch. And make plans now to join us on March 7th, 2022, for our 34th annual sale!

Current News From Lyons Ranch


We held our 33rd annual bull sale on Monday, March 1st, 2021. Many thanks to all bidders and buyers in person and online on DV Auction. Our sale was steady and strong throughout. We sold 105 bulls to average $6114 with a top of $10,500. Bulls sold in all price ranges.

We are anxious to get them delivered and working in their new herds.

Click to view Current Sales page for more sale information.


Manhattan was purchased by ABS Global in our 2018 sale. His $B and $W indexes are at near the top of the breed, and his mother is designated a Pathfinder Dam by the American Angus Association.

The first calves sired by Manhattan hit the ground last fall — he looks like a great maternal bull, strong in many traits. Our first sons of Manhattan will sell March 1.

Learn more about Manhattan in the ABS Beef Sire Directory.

Fertility is high on Manhattan. Traditional and sexed semen is available.


Several Angus Journal magazine cover images were photographed at our south ranch near Alta Vista, Kansas.

This fancy, stout fall bull calf represented one theme for the magazine: “Bred for Brilliance”.

Thank You.

We appreciate your interest in Lyons Ranch

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